Big City Nights: The Biography Of The Legendary Cisero Murphy

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Cisero Murphy is undoubtedly the greatest under appreciated sports figure in history. He sensationalized a game that often was considered merely recreational by predominantly Caucasian players. Murphy, over the course of years, exhibited great skills and knowledge of the game. He accomplished this during time periods where society was engaged in equality struggles and other civil rights facets. 

Murphy, although battling his own set of life obstacles, went on to secure victory-after-victory which led to his back-to-back minor to major championships. Murphy gained tremendous support and followers over the course of decades, but not the world recognition he so gratefully deserve in history, even up to the present day. 

MES primary goal is to provide exciting entertainment facets about the legacy of the "ONLY" Black Professional Billiard World Title Winner & BCA Hall of Fame Inductee in history.